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Laser Liposuction Information Video

Laser liposuction, also known as laserlipolisi, refers to the use of lasers in traditional liposuction procedures. Laser Lipo has many benefits, one of them is that laser technology increases the safety standards of the procedure and decreases the amount of patient recovery time. Similar to the use of ultrasound technology, laser liposuction represents the future for fat reduction surgery.

An additional benefit that laser liposuction has over other techniques is that lasers tighten the patient's skin following the liposuction procedure. This appeals to patients that have loose and inelastic skin. Often a patient will find that their skin condition reacts poorly to changes produced by traditional liposuction procedures. For example, many men and women with loose and inelastic skin find that they don't adjust to the reduction of fat deposits from their body and this results in droopy skin. To rectify this, patients often find that they require skin lifts, which can result in scars. However, through the use of a carbon dioxide laser, patients with loose and inelastic skin will find that this laser technology reconstructs the layers beneath the patient's skin by pulling the surrounding skin inwards. This eliminates the possibility of skin drooping following the procedure.

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